The happiness roommates bring.

If only I were one of those witty bloggers that captured my readers attention within the first line. Oh well, I will still blog for my own sake. (It’s not like very many people read this anyways.) So, this last school year I have had some of the best roommates that I have EVER had. Out of three and a half years of being away from home and moving from dorm to apartment to house to duplex to fourplex to everywhere you could imagine I have had my fair share of roommates. Then that one spot in my life where I need to serve a mission, (it’s all about timing, right?) I am living with the biggest gems in the world. Well, needless to say, I MISS THEM!

There’s Jenna; the wild woman that I shared a room with. I still find her hair amid my things (which is gross…but endearing)…and she most likely finds my hair all over the place still. We both had such crazy busy schedules all the time so we would see each other late at night most of the time. And boy oh boy did I look forward to night times! I love having my own room now and not having to worry about being quiet if she is sleeping, but the giggling (yes were college seniors and we still giggled together at night) the talks, the smiles, and the bonding time that was shared is missed EVERY night.

There’s Whitney; the super smart, dedicated woman across the hall! She was upstairs with us but as she says, she is a “hibernating rat” which is the truth! You can usually count on her being at home late at night and working on homework or studying. She is our resident genius. I want to be as smart and as dedicated to my studies as she is but alas, it will probably never happen. I would walk into her room…..all the time, and distract her from her studies. It was happy time for me although I probably distracted her too often. Oh well! Bonding time! I love her little self!

Last but not least downstairs was Bailey! She was in the arctic tundra. Our heater would be on but you would only be able to feel it upstairs (in my room-where it was like the sahara desert in the middle of the summer). The downstairs was at least ten degrees cooler and drafty. So, she had more blankets on her bed than I did…thats for sure! She is into politics, serving others, helping out with anything, and popcorn! Anytime I was craving popcorn it was almost a given that Bailey would be making some downstairs. That was a definite plus.  Also, she is currently running for SUUSA’s VP of Academics! I hope she wins because I know she would do a fantastic job!

So now you have a little peek into why I might not love living at home again & why I might be wary of what my companion might be like in the MTC. Although I know they wont be the same as these girls, I will love them for different reasons. I will learn to love them for who they are and their little quirks, just like my roommates loved me for mine. I have less than two weeks until I report to the MTC. Wild. Ladies and gentlemen; it’s happening! Before you know it I will be in Russia, and then I will be home! Whoa. But for now I’ll stick to being ready to leave to the MTC in Provo, Utah. It doesn’t seem as daunting as Russia right now. (Plus, I can still use English.)

Red, white and blue. America&Russia.


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