First Impressions

entering the mtc

This place is wild. Russian is THE HARDEST thing that I have ever tried to learn. It’s like I sit here and read, listen, and try to pronounce but it is SO HARD. Sometimes I feel so incapable. The Spirit is so strong here. I love it. It’s not what I expected. I mean the classes all day…so many people…etc. is the same, but the way things are done and my attitude is different (I still get irritated all the time, annoyed by the stupid things people do and etc.-I know you’re laughing at me). 

All the sisters in my district are going to St Petersburg. There are 6 of us. And 5 Elders…none of them going to st petersburg. All of the elders are 18. and VERY 18. But, I know that they will grow up. They are good kids, and remind me of the boys in our ward. The most…. worldly? elder last night after devotional was talking about it and he was SO spiritual and just said things that I know he loves the Lord and is such a great son of God but he just has a little molding that the lord will help him with here on the mission. 
I don’t think I have ever been such a quiet person. I mean I have my loud moments and I think I’m funny pretty often still but I go for so long having such silences. I don’t really talk while we are walking places and I don’t really make too much conversation. (editor’s note: clearly the Lord can do miracles if He can quiet Rebekah) The Spirit is so great. I am trying to figure out exactly how he communicates with me and trying to understand how I can understand his promptings better. Ether 12 talks about Faith a ton and I have been trying to work on that and really have more faith and KNOW that I will understand the language better. I feel like I could give a pretty good lesson in English right now (the things I have been learning and the way I have been progressing) but I feel like it’s so hard to just teach by the spirit in russian when I have such a limited bank of words that I can use. And I need to have more FAITH that I can communicate and show my investigator love and help him know that the lord loves him. 
All you preparing for missions: DON’T prepare your lessons and teach them word for word like youre saying lines in a play. That’s not going to bring the Spirit people need. You need to teach PEOPLE. NOT LESSONS. I know it’s hard. So so so hard. But, with practice, prayer, and faith, YOU CAN DO IT! I can too. I am trying. So hard. 

PS. Shelby Lattin says hi! I love her so much. She leaves next Tuesday for Chile and while I’m SO excited for her I don’t want her to leave! 😦 

And Jenessa Peterson left tuesday morning and I miss her so much. It’s so interesting how much you can bond over being here together and having the same trials and issues but being able to rely on each other to get through it. 

Sacrament meeting is ALL IN RUSSIAN. We have to prepare talks EVERY week and in the opening announcements they call two people to give the talks. Panic mode? YES. Hahaha! 

My companion is great. We are SO different. She reminds me (exactly) of my last semesters chemistry lab partner. She is from Logan Utah, and is a dancer and an Elementary Ed Major at Utah State. She just barely turned 20 last month.

Love you guys so much and I am so grateful for all of the things you have taught me and the lessons I have learned. Just so you don’t think it was just with you, i sometimes still roll my eyes and get annoyed when people say “k lets pray or-should we pray now?” hahah IM AWFUL!
But I love the support that you give me and I know that I have so many people in the ward that are thinking about me and that makes me feel so grateful and blessed. I LOVE EVERYONE!

Tell them that when they ask about me! I AM SO GRATEFUL for the examples of everyone at home. 

Dad——tell the boys to write me if they want! Any questions about missions, they want to just send a silly message or anything. 

I LOVE MAIL. really though. It makes me feel SO SO SO LOVED. 

I think ive been on too long. love you!

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