I love life.

This week has been wonderful! Things with my companion are only getting better, Russian is getting better (I think…) and the weather is getting better! Just a wonderful week! I love life. We went to the temple this morning and it was great! I almost fell asleep (but didn’t).

So basically Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It is such a wonderful reminder to me of the savior and what he did for me and not just the Atonement but being here on the earth and being an example to me. If I want to be more like Christ that means I need to remember to be (practically inhuman) by thinking of everyone but myself. And I am trying! It is soooo hard. But slowly I am getting better at it. Sunday was a monumental day! The sacrament was served to 3000 people at once. It was so cool because it was done within like 10-15 minutes just like regular. We got to hear from Bishop Causse from the presiding bishopric and his wife and it was wonderful. John 3:16 says that we can have everlasting life because we are children of God. I love that! It is such a good reminder. Back to the Atonement, have I rejoiced for all of the things that I have recieved from it? He gave his LIFE for me. DO I thank him EVERY DAY? One day I will meet the Savior in Person and I will feel his love. How can I thank Him better now?
Would I be willing to give my life for him??
As I experience the atonement more I will have a stronger desire to share it with others.
The test of Thomas “blessed are they who do not see me yet still believe” —I need to remember that, and always believe that he is there with me supporting me and there to lift me at any time that I ask for it. I must ask for it. He knows, but waits for me to open the door for him to enter.

I need to desire the salvation of those who I will be teaching and serving. I also need to repent daily to be worthy of having the holy ghost with me.

Can I say “I have not seen Him, but I know Him”?

I need to be humble enough so that He can guide me.
The song “teach me to walk in the light” has a line that says ‘teach me all that I must do’–but we should think of teach me all that I must BE, so that we can be that person and if we are them then we can teach it. We can not teach someone to be something that we are not. If I do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon how am I supposed to help someone else to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon?

Also, our devotional that evening was Sheri Dew! She was wonderful!
Talked a lot about that there are so many influences in this world. I need to realize that and I also need to be that kind of influence. People are going to have other influences in their lives that I won’t know about but If we pray and come to understand we can work through or alongside those things. I have been endowed with power from on high and I will never be alone. However, I must ASK for companionship of the Hioly Ghost.
We are armed with righteousness and and the power of God so we need to show people that.
Who is influencing me?
How am I influencing others?

I have the potential to be a rare and necessary influence.

Okay, I know this is all over the place (IM SORRY!) But, back to the atonement. The Savior is my only chance. He did the only thing for me that I CANNOT do for myself. I need him. Left by ourselves we would not be able to withstand the adversary. He gave us the only chace to find peace and joy and return to our father in Heaven. He WANTED to take away our pain. He will strengthen me and help me overcome my weaknesses. VOLUNTARILY he did this. He has even taken upon himself feelings of inadequacy. I need to stop harboring hurt and frustration and learn more about my savior so that I can love him and understand him and serve him better.

Also watched a film of President Uchtdorf and with a short time left I will leave a few notes. (Editor’s Note: I believe she meant Elder Ballard, as she was rushing to finish this letter and the quote is from Ballard)
“This is not a time for spiritual weaklings”
Learn from my companions

And to my family-physically we are divided but spiritually we are united!!!

Michael T Ringwood -of the 70
The most important part of the Lord’s work will be done in my own future home.
D&C 15:4-6
Matt 28:18-19


Why did Nephi go back to get the gold plates before he went back to get a wife??
He had to have a spiritual foundation before the most important thing came along–his family. I am starting to understand why I am going on a mission. Little possible reasons.
I need to be the kind of mother he wants me to be one day. This is preparing me.

I love you guys so much!

thanks for your support through this emotional roller coaster!



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