I love these people

Image 3This week was such a good week. We had zone conference and a sisters meeting so there were times that this week was EXHAUSTING because it was so long. But, it was so fun to see all of the sisters and see everyone so that was a grand time. Loved that!This week we focused a lot on Gina, and then trying to make sure that we understand where she is and how we can give her the commandment lessons, mainly the Law of Chastity.  After our Law of Chastity lesson yesterday, I know that she is a little bit (maybe more than a little) confused, and I know that she truly was so excited for baptism. She said she understands this law just doesnt know if she can keep it (because she currently lives with her boyfriend.) I hope that desire will help her to be able to live the Law of Chastity so that she can take this step towards baptism. I love her so much and just wand her to take this step towards baptism and be able to feel the Holy Ghost any time in a greater abundance. She loves reading the book of mormon and she really is trying to understand all that she reads. She is in the Isaiah chapters of the Book of Mormon and I seriously think she knows them SO much better than I do. I don’t think that…I know that. She notices all these little details and it’s so cool to see how much she loves reading the book or mormon and when we talked to her friday to confirm our appointment for saturday, she said I’ve been praying and I want to come to church again on sunday. Oh how I love her and she is the sweetest cutest thing there ever was. Image 5

We have a handful of new people that we want to meet with and give baptismal dates because they are all so ready. We have an investigator, Албина, who you can tell is so ready and just wanted a KM, and was so excited when we gave her one and she asked so many questions. I feel like we have been so blessed with people who we are able to communicate with and who are so ready to hear about the gospel. I can’t wait to meet with her tonight! We were walking with her on our way to our next appointment (uh…we had FOUR appointments that night) and I just had this moment where I was like she would be the BEST missionary. I loved that feeling. I was able to see her as she can become! that was the coolest experience.

So, sisters meeting. That was great! We learned how to braid hair, how to do our makeup, just your typical meeting. Hahaha. It was good. That part was quite…fun. We talked a lot about working on our physical selves…eating healthy and exercising, and our spiritual selves, making sure to really study our scriptures and apply them. I feel like I am so good some days at that and them some days I am so bad at it. Haha. But, it’s okay! I will get better! President talked about Doctrine &Covenants 93 and said “There’s more strength waiting for you than you ever imagined.” I LOVE that. It is so needed for us to remmeber that every single day because I feel that strength when I remember it and I feel like I am able to be stronger and have more faith when I remember things like that.

So english conversation group was fun last week. Haha. It was….my companion and me, and then the other four elders in our district, and then we had two people! And, one of them was Саша! I love her so much. She is so wonderful. She came to an activity that we had on saturday about Jesus Christ. It was cool to have her there. She is going to take a little bit more time and she needs a little bit more reason why our church is so important for her and the differences it has than the Russian Orthoxox church. Image 6

So Saturday night we got a phone call. Sister Eyring answered the phone. It was a man and he said, kind of angrily, why haven’t you invited me to your church yet!! Where is your church. (keep in mind we literally have no idea who this is and he is speaking English with a weird accent.) She tried to get his name, and he kept getting mad that she didn’t know who it was and said well I don’t want to come to church if you don’t know who I am. Finally after a while she gave me the phone and I tried to talk to him. He finally asked if I was someone (sister-not one of us). I basically explained transfers to him because he was mad and said that she gave him the wrong number and that he doesn’t want to come to our church. I finally helped him understand that she wants him to come to church, but that our elders would love to meet him at the metro in the morning to walk him to church. His name was Jackie (or something like that). He finally agreed to that and kept asking how he would know who we were. I kept telling him that the elders would be in a suit and have a name tag on. Then, Sunday morning he calls again. He said, Do you know who this is??? Do you? What’s my name? and Good thing sister Eyring remembered because he was satisfied with that. He said” I am 15 miuntes away. How will I know who you are?” and we then explained the same thing that the elders would be there. It was so confusing! So he was this African man  that had talked to some sisters in a park I guess and they had given him their number and had gotten his and finally he just called. Too funny. There was also a man that kept calling and was talking to Sister Eyring and would ask questions and we tried to set up appointments with but we weren’t quite sure what he was saying and finally he started talking about lunch so we just passed him onto the elders 🙂 we do that a lot. And we aren’t sure if they are interested in us or the gospel but then the elders are able to figure that out! It’s great.

We have so much fun here in Center! I love these people and I love the gospel! Every day is just so fun and we learn so much and we just laugh even more. Language is slow, good some days and so hard to understand things other days. We are going to go to the Russian Museum today so that will be fun! Can’t wait.


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