Self Mastery

ImageIt’s been a good week. Kind of boring to be honest. I mean very exciting, but nothing huge story wise. Here are a couple.

So every week for two of our language study hours we do it with members so that they can help our language, and so that we can build relationships with the members. We go over to the bishop’s house and do it with his wife every Wednesday morning. We love her, and it is right across the street from our dom. This is also a building where a few other members and less actives live. We have been to this building many many times. The other day we had a little bit of time before we had to be in for the night, so we went over to that building. We were at the steps, the domaphone was ringing, and this man comes up to us. He was kind looking at us funny, but that’s not unusual. Then he asked us if we were Russian Orthodox. We told him no. He then told us to leave. We just kinda stayed, because the phone was still ringing. He started to yell at us, and we said, sorry, we have a meeting here. Then I hung up the phone. He continued to yell at us and then say to get away quickly, quickly! We kind of just looked at him and then he got louder and louder and said that he was going to call the police and as we left he said that if we ever came back he would call the police on us. Don’t worry…as we were down the block he still felt it necessary to keep yelling at us. Oh that was so funny. There was a little family near us as we turned the corner and as we said hello to them the said hello, and good luck! Hahahah! What an adventure! II have never been yelled/screamed at before like that for no reason. Poor guy. Oh well, lets just hope we don’t see him again when we are back there on wednesday! Guess we will see.

Oh, sad story of the day. Our dear investigator with a baptismal date is no longer. We taught her the law of chastity last week, (I talked about that a handful in my last weeks email), and then we met with her a couple days later and she said I talked with my boyfriend and we feel that that would harm our relationship so I am not going to get baptized. She is going back to China in about a month and I guess there are some church members there she was able to find out about on and so she wants to meet with them and learn more in Chinese because she feels like she would be able to understand more, and then she said in about a year when we get married I want to be baptized because I know that is what is good and what Heavenly Father wants. I know that she will. I love her so much and just want her to have an eternal family. Maybe her boyfriend needs that time so that his heart can be softened towards the gospel. She said that she will keep reading the book of mormon and praying and learning still. Oh how I just yearn for her to be baptized and go to the temple.

 Image 1
I just have this desire for everyone to have SO much joy in their lives. Even a lot of the other missionaries, because when we had our dear little “therapy” session, it seemed as though everyone was so sad and that it was so hard for everyone and they weren’t enjoying their lives. I hope they are! I want them to be happy!This week I have been thinking a lot about my faith and how it can help me and how I need to keep having more. I feel like faith is something that I haven’t really struggled with, but I know that I need to pray for more every day. I know that when I begin my days with faith, I am more successful, whether it be that I have faith that I will be able to understand our investigators in our lessons today or that I will be able to memorize a scripture because I need to be able to use it in our lesson or that we will find someone who truely is ready and willing to meet with us. It helps so much to have that faith. I do know, and remember, and have been working on acting on that faith. I know that I need to go our of my comfort zone more. I have been working at talking to people even when Sister Eyring might not be able to hear and be able to just take over like on the metro, where if we are sitting down, she cannot hear our conversation because you can barely hear yourself. I know that it really is helping my language when I am doing that and when I am having that faith I am able to do more, whether it’s just my mind thinking that I can do more, or I really can do more, I feel better when I am exercising my faith. I know that that is an act of faith to act, and do things that I have been asked to do and these things really will help my language, and my knowledge of the gospel, and will help bring me closer to the Savior.

So, basically one thing I dislike more than almost anything is the product mayonnaise. in the top ten of other things includes sour cream. Guess what they eat on and with every single thing that they eat here? Mayonnaise and Sour Cream. It’s…horrible. I guess the elders don’t really ever get much food but I feel like we get way more food than I want. Sometimes it is really good and sometimes it’s really bad, but either way, they feed us enough to feed like three people each. I leave their houses ready to just roll down a hill. We don’t get fed meals all the time, but if we are visiting with people they will want to give us some sort of drink (surprisingly i have never had tea yet!) and then something to eat, but a LOT of it. The other day we had these weird squash pancake things that were pretty oily, but good, except that they had raisins in them, and then they had like a huge spoonful of sour cream on top of them. It wasn’t bad but I would have enjoyed them a lot more without the sour cream. Oh so funny. So we went over to a members house to have a meeting with them because we needed to get some names, and this was right after our dinner hour. well….guess what. they had dinner waiting for us! every single time that I thought it was done, I was given a whole new plate of something new. I seriously don’t know how I have eaten since then. That was probably enough food to feed me for like a whole week. Maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is that there was SO much food. AH! But, that food was SO GOOD and super healthy. One of my absolutely favorite things to eat here is called gretcha, it’s buckwheat! I you just boil it like you would rice or quinoa, and then I have a little oil with salt and pepper and then tomato and squash pieces in it! SO yummy, I love it. and their chocolate here is SO good. I am off candy, so I am not sure what that means chocolate wise. I don’t know. I am just trying to be good about not eating much and not really buying it. Self mastery. I am working on it, especially with my eating habits. Being home all morinng makes it easy to want to just snack a lot, but I can’t do that. We are buying more fruits and veggies, so that I can snack at least on an apple or a carrot if i really have to!I love it here! The people are so helpful, and so loving. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I hope that youdon’t forget me! Tell people to write me! hahaha… but really. Don’t forget to take Caspian on a run for me. I wish I had him in the morning to run with! It is SO hard to want to like get up and literally work out from that moment on. Definitely am still not used to that. We have, however, been running lately in the mornings and I love that.

Well, love you lots!

Love, your long lost daughter, сестра шафф

я люблю вас монога!!! (I love all of you lots!)

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