I love my ward so much!

Yikes! Can’t believe that it is already June! I have been on a mission since March?! what?!!? I don’t even understand! It’s crazy. Time is seriously flying. It really is. Every time I think I just got here, I realize that I have been here for almost six weeks. It’s not real. Time is fake I think. It’s wild.

President said that we would all be in threesomes before we came but when it came time to transfers and us coming (He hates having threesomes because they are a little bit less effective and harder for the three people) he decided that there would be three people from the transfer ahead of me that would be training and I was one of the lucky ones chosen to have that cool experience! Everyone asks us how hard it is and how we are doing it, but it doesn’t seem like a trial or this burden to us. It just is life and we are being able to learn very quickly and are having to use absolutely all of the Russian that we have! It’s fun and I feel like I am learning so much every day.
Yes, there were two emergency transfers this transfer, it just means that a companionship is not working out and that there are certain things happening that president feels like they need to not be together (sometimes it happens because people are disobedient or aren’t happy etc) and so he has a little transfer and since we are in the city we always have the visitors so we saw a handful of sisters! We have matresses for 8 people to stay with us so next week at transfers we will have six people staying with us again, last week for the mission conference thing we had six with us and for visa trips all week we had people with us. It gets crazy, but it’s fun. I love that you got my videos! Hoped you would appreciate them 🙂 Hahahah. I figured, you will get my camera so you will have time to watch them! Yay!Less actives, people mostly say that they don’t have time. There are people that live about an hour away and for them it is just very expensive to take a marshutka to the church (still not an excuse) and so they don’t. There are some people that have been offended, it breaks my heart, and then others who I really feel like have just forgotten their testimony. We have been meeting with this one less active, and she said “you don’t care about me. It’s your job to be here, it doesn’t matter” and now she said that she won’t come to church because the smell and it makes her cough so it’s not good for her to breathe. I know that it means a lot to the less actives here when someone from the RS comes with us that aren’t the visiting teacher or the president, someone that is just there because they truely do love them and not because it is their calling. I feel like that makes a huge difference. I mean, it would make a difference to me if someone was there out of duty and to know that people are taking time out of their days just to say hello and spend time with them. Just thoughts from me.

Tatiana (member) & Zoya (investigator)

Tatiana (member) & Zoya (investigator)

So, miracles of the week.Nothing huge to say this week, but I do know that the Lord is with me always! Seriously. We see SO many miracles ALL the time. We really do. We met this woman at a bus stop, and as we were pulling out a pen to get her information her bus got there and she had to go! 😦 the saddest. Why we didn’t get on the bus, I do not know. We had nowhere to be! She had told us that she was there every day because it was right by the hospital that her husband is in, and she visits him every day. So, the next day, we went back. We did not find her, but we did talk to a woman that ended up telling us that she comes to that park all the time (the bus stop is right in front of a small park in front of a hispital) to just sit and think because that was the hospital that her daughter was in before she died not too long ago. We proceeded to tell her about the Plan of Salvation and set an appointment to come back there and meet with her on wednesday! Miracles are real. After that we set up another appointment with someone about ten minutes later that we will have tomorrow, and then,ran into our investigator Natasha, that we arent sure if she stood us up or was just confused about our meeting last week! It was amazing! She was so excited to see us and our faces LIT UP when we saw her. I seriously love her so so much. It’s crazy to think how much I love every single person here. I really feel an immense amount of love for all of them, and I know that it has all been given to me from Heavenly Father. I feel a chrustlike love for them and just want them to be so happy and to understand the things that the gospel can give them. I really do!

It has been raining a lot here, so when we don’t have meetings and when it’s pouring out there aren’t lots of people that are willing to just talk on the street, so we just ride busses for a while and talk to people! it’s cool, because people can’t run away! Hahaha! It’s too funny. We have had really good conversations with people and been able to get some numbers that way but more than that just really connect with people and if nothing else, give them a good impression of the church. They now know that we exist, and we have had a good conversation with them about families, life, or just the weather sometimes! I even taughtr the first lesson to a man on the bus the other dya. That was funny. Just started teaching about the apostacy and then joseph smith the restoration and the book of mormon! Yay. Such wild things happen on the bus! Too silly. They will help us with our language, and give us new words that are important, and are always surpruised when they hear how short of a time we have been here!

Alma 26:12 is an amazing scripture! I love it so much. I am nothing, and everything that I am able to do is the Lord. It is all from the Lord, and he lets me experience things and experience many miracles and be a part of many. I love it!
Jacib 6:12. O be wise; what can I say more? I love that verse. It is so short, yet so powerful. Jacob is talking about enduring to the end, and it is just such a reminer to me that that is all the lord wants from us. He just wants us to be wise. He just wants us to follow his teachings. I have been reminded alot in this last week  how important the words of the prophet are, and how important the scriptures are, but we also have a modern day prophet because WE NEED NEW REVELATION. There are things going on today that we need to be counseled on that the old prophets didn’t know about. We need to love the scriptures, and feast upon their words, but we also need to cling to the words of the prophets and every month there are teachings from them in the Liahona, or Ensign, that we must read. They don’t just write them so that they can look pretty on our tables, they are there for us to read, and to help us center our lives on Christ’s teaching and apply new things all the time to our lives. He wants us to continually fine tune ourselves. That means today. That means tomorrow. That means next week, and next year. We cannot stop preparing ourselves for when he comes otherwise we won’t be ready! Eek!
I know that this letter is a little bit shorter than normal, but I don’t have tons to say! We have been teaching the Plan of Salvation more lately and it’s really cool because I have been able to understand a lot more about it than before. There are many parts of it that I didn’t really understand their importances and every day I feel like I am able to study  more and new things and gain a greater love for the Plan of Salvation. I know that it’s true and I know that Grandma and Grandpa are watching us! they love us. I know that. I feel their love.
Okay, so our ward! I love my ward SO MUCH! It is amazing! I feel like since the first week I have been here every week is a little better and I see them having more love towards the missionaries, and more love towards everyone else. I just see so many more smiles, and people are more willing to help, people go out of their ways to talk to people and people are amazinG! SO many miracles in the midst of our ward. I just cannot be transferred because I love them too much! I need to be here with them! But, I know that whatever happens next week will be what is supposed to happen. I am excited to find out where my home is for the next six weeks. So excited! This last week  has helped me to gain so much more love for our bishpp and all the things that he does and all the ways that he serves those around him. It’s interesting to see how things work the same but differently here because it is in such a pioneer stage, and everything is so so new here, but Ilove seeing people come to understand things and just everything happen! I love this ward so much. I really am praying that I get to stay here.
I am so grateful for this gospel!Lov eyou all so much and REMEMBER. I PRAY FOR YOU EVERY DAY! I really do!

Your FAVORITE child, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, (etc.)

Sister Schaff

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