He knows

So, Russia. It has been raining here lately and it’s the BEST! That means it isn’t SO hot. Sometimes it just is so hot and humid I shower three times a day :).

Funny experience. I have tried some weird foods here, but this week was just quite the adventure. People don’t ALWAYS feed us, but the times they do it is always like three appointments in a row, and they all want us to eat so so much. Saturday night we were gone all day and so for our dinner we only had about 30 minutes, and we were out, so we went to a little бистро and ate шеверема, which is this russian food…. just look it up. (Sheverema? Not sure how to spell it in english). It’s good, not my favorite, but I enjoy it. So that filled me up So so so much and i had delicious vegetables with that. We then went to one of our investigators houses who we are thinking we will be dropping this week, and she proceeded to feed us candy, which was gross, plus I don’t eat candy and so it made me sick. We then went to another investigators house where she fed us some wierd Russian soup which was some beet thing with some mystery meat that had some weird stuff and sour cream mixed in and a half of an egg. All things which I do NOT like! Eek. And some very very dense weird bread. That was probably the only thing that I literally thought I could not eat. It was just this purpley red soup with weird flavors and textures, (and it was cold). Well, it could have been worse, right? Oh the fun things you get to eat in Russia!
 Image 28
So we dominated member present lessons this week! We got six! We normally get like 2 or 3 and the most we have ever gotten was 4 one week. That was cool. We made our goal! and that was with having all day gone on Tuesday and Wednesday because our wonderful trip to the airport happened twice and we didn’t even pick up sister Jensen! Tuesday we went and we were waiting for an hour and a half at the airport and president finally called someone because we were so worried about her and then they found out that she wouldn’t fly in until the next day! So we just had a nice trip to the airport from 2-8 with president and Sister Clark and the assistants. Wednesday we went back with just the assistants and the sister who is her companion and we were almost to the airport and we got a call that said her flight had been rerouted through germany so she wouldn’t get in until 1 the next morning. Oops! Well, hey, more bonding time with Sister Kefalas, whom we LOVE so much! She is absolutely wonderful! Then President and Sister Clark went to the airport at 1 to pick her up and dropped her off at our house at about 3. What an adventure! At least she made it to us safely. It was so fun to see her because I already knew sister Jensen from the MTC! Yay!
We have so many investigators that are getting so ready for baptism. One of them, Paulina, is praying about a date and when we meet with her this week we are going to set a for sure date! I am thrilled! We really have been so blessed lately with so much success. I am so excited for what is coming this transfer! It’s going to be amazing! We just have to follow the spirit and trust in the Lord!
I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Trusting in the Lord. What does that mean. Sister Eyring and I were talking today and I realized that when I got my answer to go on a mission, about a year and a half ago, I didn’t trust in the Lord enough to just follow that. When I got another answer about six months later, I also ignored it. I was being a bad disciple of Christ because I wasn’t trusting in the Lord enough. Finally, with enough push, I trusted enough to just do it, even though it wasn’t in my plans. How grateful I am for that. I really need to put more trust in the Lord. I need to put him First. I need to remember that he really knows best. I loved this verse that I read this morning, 2 Nephi, 4:34, and the wonderful reminder that it is really a dumb thing to trust in myself, to trust in man. I really don’t know anything, and every time I think about it and am reminded, the Lord knows EVERYTHING. He knows. So why would I ever doubt something that he ever told me to do. That’s just silly of me! He will answer me if I ask not amiss, and He is the rock. He is my rock. I need to build my life upon Him. I have been given every single thing that I need. So why am I so stubborn and prideful sometimes? I need to just let Him guide me and let Him be my light in the wilderness like he says in 1 nephi 17:13. He will guide me. He promises that He will!Last Monday, we took part of our p-day and went to the park with one of our investigators, Natasha! It was so fun! We were going to play ping pong but it is a park bigger and more beautiful that Central Park in New York, so we didn’t find it and instead we did some stretch like yoga-ish things and then just layed down and listened to the birds and looked at the beauty around us. It was so fun! We had dinner at a cafe after, and we shared a spiritual thought with her, and it was just fun! She is progressing steadily and came to church Sunday! We are planning on setting a baptismal date with her this week! We will see!

Painting with Nastia

Painting with Nastia

We also helped one of our members, Nastia, who is working on her mission papers(!!!!!!!!!!!) paint this week! I am so excited for her she seriously is going to be an AWESOME missionary. She comes and helps us with lessons sometimes and she just loves church and institute and all the activities. Everyone loves her. We got to paint her….ceiling! Hahaha. That was quite the adventure. We were standing on these tables that I literally thought were going to break beneath me. I thought I was going to break my leg while doing this hahah. But, I love her and we had just a wonderful time helping her paint, so that was fun!
Those are my thoughts of today. Sorry they aren’t too exciting.
I know this church is true! I can’t wait to see more miracles every day! Every day is a miracle! Don’t forget that!Love you so much and I pray for you daily! Don’t forget that! Lots of love!

Sister Rebekah Schaff.


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