Never fear, the Lord is on our side

Oh yes. It’s transfer week! I am not being transferred! SO happy! Sister Eyring and I are BOTH staying here! So that is super fun! We will be able to learn and enjoy and have a wonderful second transfer together! I love it! Russian is still hard and the grammar is even harder. I don’t know how I will ever speak well. I don’t know if it will happen. I mean I can teach you the discussions very well, I just can’t really understand you or deviate to normal topics too much. Eek. I am making language goals for this transfer so  hopefully that will be  helpful and I will be able to be more comfrotable in the language after six more weeks.

Less actives- One lady, Ludmilla, who we met with my second week here and wouldn’t pray, wouldn’t say Amen to our prayers, and was just a very unhappy lady, we have visited with a few more times and (she LOVES Sister Eyring) now PRAYED! and is helping us with language study once a week and we read the Book of Mormon with her and she asks us lots of questions! It’s so great. Another family that the mom is a return missionary is coming back to church! They have been here the last three weeks and they have been participating and staying all three hours. Oh how I just love that family so much! I hope Serioge goes on a mission! He just turned 16 and he will be the most wonderful missionary one day! (She has two sons, Serioge and Syeva). Also, Larisa Zukova, I told you about the terrifying experience at her house my first or second sunday, we have  been working with her a lot, she has a friend who is interested in being baptized maybe, and tried calling her yesterday to wake her up, but next week we are just going to show up at her house and pick her up! She needs it! She will come. I know it! We just have to drag her there at first. :).

Natasha & Rebekah

Natasha & Rebekah

We have our cute Natasha who is just so excited every time to meet with us, and she LOVES the plan of Salvation, she is still slowly progressing and she had a Liahona and read it and we asked her what she thought of it and she said,”I agree with all of it!” Well perfect! The next lesson we were able to get her a Book of Mormon finally, and committed her to reading a chapter out of that. I know that she will and when we told her that she could gain a testimony for herself just like we did ourselves she said, “yes I know I will!” Well alrighty then! I just love her so much! I am so excited to meet with her this week and we really feel like we can commit her to a solid baptismal date this week for sometime in July! Yay!
We met with a new investigator this week, only one new one this week and she is WONDERFUL! She is such a cute girl, mid-20’s and so sweet! She has had no religion and is looking for a religion for herself. Her family is muslim and she thought we sounded interesting when she met missionaries on the street (Sister Eyring met her on the street about two weeks before I got here)./ We had been trying to meet with her and calling her basically every other day and it never worked out until this las week. She came to church and loved it! we have an appointment to meet with her later this week too and get her  a Book of Mormon and teach her the first lesson! Yay!
Paulina is so cute. We have still been meeting with her and she is doing so well. We finished the three main lessons and we are onto the commandments, and we know that is going to be hard because she does have a smoking problem. Never fear, the Lord is on our side, the lord is on HER side! (if she chooses that side). She committed to a baptismal date on July 13! But, it was like a yes, I just have to make sure I have a testumony, so We are planning on solidifying that date. She came to church yesterday and Gospel Principles just happened to be on baptism. That was good. (except for when our teacher was joking around about women baptisimg women and men baptizing men…that was a bad call on her part).
Lara is having a rough time. She had a baptismal date for last Saturday and we hadn’t been able to meet with her for two weeks. She has been having a really hard time because she feels like everything has been going wrong for her (and she honestly has had a pretty rough life) and her exhusband that left her seems to be so happy. I just wish that I could help her reallize that the Atonement is for her. We didn’t know what to say or do so we just asked her if we could kneel in prayer with her then. She was back to the point of not knowing if Heavenly Father loves her. I just want her to feel that love. I want her to understand that she matters. I know she knows that she matters to us, but what is more important is that if she were to know that she matters to her heavenly father. We are all his children and it breaks my heart to see her crying there wondering why he doesn’t love her, even though he does. I wish I could fix it for her, I wish I could help her to really understand His love.

Nap time

Nap time

Well sorry it’s short! But that was my week! Nothing too crazy or exciting. We get to go pick up Sister Jensen from the airport tomorrow! That will be fun! I can’t believe that i have only been here for six weeks! Yikes! I love it. I can’t believe that I live in Russia. I really can’t. It’s crazy. It is unreal. But, it’s real life. It’s my life. And, I love it! I love the gospel.
Love you all so much!
Love you all praying for you and thinking about you.
I hope you have a wonderful week. Don’t forget to read your scriptures every day! They are for YOUR benefit! And pray on your knees. It’s so much better!

XOXO. rebekah. sister schaff. me whom you might not recognize through this email because I read my scriptures every day (and love it) and pray ON MY KNEES without a fight 🙂 hahahah. love you so much!


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