I Love Fresh Berries

We truly live in a day of miracles. I see them every day, you see them every day. I don’t know why I never thought about it in my life more before coming on a mission, but there are so many things about every day that are just not possible without the Lord. I think a lot of times we take too much credit for outselves and think that we came up with this great idea or that we have just been so clever that day. Nope, sorry. You were inspired from Heavenly Father and he wanted you to do that today and to get everything done!

So, pretty cool week.

Image 8Paulina went to the 12 step program for the first time this week and it was so cool. She really enjoyed it. I really love her so much. She is so sweet and she really is starting to understand more and more what this gospel can do for her. Why she needs it and why we need her. The 12 step program is so cool because it is all about the atonement and it’s not just for overcoming things like drinking and smoking, but anything in life that  someone might need help with . She left that saying that she wants her brother to come next week because it is something that he really could use. She invited us over to her house! I love that! I am so excited because then we can bring the gospel into her home and help her feel that this is something that she wants there and to realize that she CAN have it in her home! She is so awesome. I love her. And, I want to meet her son. She talks about him a lot so it will just be cool to meet more of her family.
We went to Vyborg this weekend to visit some sisters and go on splits, it is about a two hour train ride away from the city and it is a smaller, Swedish/Finish town on the gulf of Finland. it is beautiful! It has a really cool feel to that town and just has a special spirit about it. I really enjoyed being there. It was also fun to be out with Sister Yeates and Boud. We were in a three-some (well we always are when sister porter is not off traveling) so it was sister Eyring Boud and I out and about together on Friday. We got to help them move, which I just want to say that I hope I never have to move apartments for the mission. you have to do SO much! and it just cuts out of your missionary time! Image 1On Saturday, we got to go do service with them on a dacha! I think i have told you about them before, but they are like a “summer home”. Don’t be thinking like beach house, huge cabin in the mountains thing. This is a tiny one roomed shack kind of thing, with a bucket for a toilet, a sink (i think) a bed or two, and a big garden around it. They love their gardens.
Image 26
They have tons of vegetables and fruits ane beautiful flowers, and this is what they do all summer. they take care of their garden. We got to walk down to the watering hole, (a big spot with running cleaner water where we filled up pails and walked all the way back to her dacha and then filled up a barrel. Those get heavy after a little while…. But, Hey! I didn’t know people even did things like that anymore! Kinda cool! Haha!
Image 12
We stood in the raspberry bushes for a while and just were eating for…. a long time, before we got to work in the garden weeding. I am pretty sure we all ate our fair share of worms and bugs. Whenever we looked in the raspberries there were a fair amount of them but, hey! you only live once, and we don’t know if we will ever be back there to do service and eat her berries again! Plus it was almost lunch time. We were hungry! mmm 🙂 I love fresh berries. There were some other cool ones that I forget the names of in english, but they were so yummy.
We came back to Peter, and church was so great. Svetlana came again and loved it again. We met after church and we finished teaching the restoration. It was so great she was so receptive and so excited to hear about it. We gave her the baptismal committment and she said…. next week! hahah! I love it. She is going out of town on the 10th so she wanted to do it before then (and hopefully we will help her find a church where she is going) and so we are working with her towards getting baptized on Sunday! It sounds soon, but we talked with President and then to the Bishop’s house last night to chat about it and they both felt good about it. We are going to have a nice long meeting with her tonight and that will really tell us if it will happen or not. I really feel so good about it. She is such a light person. She has so much happiness and light about her. I just feel so much happiness when I am with her. She makes me have more fire and enthusiasm about what I am doing and reminds me that there ARE people out here who are SO ready. they want it. they need it. she feels so much better about her life already. AH! I love this work. I love these people!
Don’t forget to be a missionary in your every day life. I am serious. When you tell people what you did over the weekend, don’t forget to say that you went to church. Don’t forget to invite people. They don’t always know that they are welcome. We think these things because it is normal for us, but it really is a whole new world, language, and culture. We need to share this. Just like Lehi thought of his family when he first partook of the fruit, we can think of our friends and family and share this wonderful thing with them. It doesn’t have to be awkward. It doesn’t have to be scary. Just pray for some extra courage. Heavenly Father WILL help you. I know that. I feel it. Every time someone looks scary to me I just say a little prayer and then go for it. They usually are the ones that end up being the best conversations. The ones that I am most scared to approach.
Love you so much and I know this church is true. Praying for YOU!

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