Roller Coaster

Image 23This has been quite the week. It has been emotional and wonderful, hard, and miraculous. I have been shown so many things to remind me that Heavenly Father has got my back. He really knows me and he knows what I need. This weekend we have been on splits, and I was with Sister Dexter and Sister Brown, both of whom were in my district in the MTC! I love them so much! Sister Eyring was off in Petrosavosk with Sister Porter, and later today I will be back in my area. I have been here since Friday evening. It’s been a party! I seriously love them so much and want to be companions with each of them! They are such examples to me of everything. Always so positive, happy and just hard workers. I just have to remember that I am not going to be perfect, so I can’t keep getting frustrated with myself for not being perfect. That is why we have the atonement. It is to help me. I know that! Satan is a mean guy and trying to get us down when we are having success and right when things are about to happen. A couple days were frustrating last week and mostly just Satan putting thoughts into my head and wanting me to get down. Can’t let him have control! We have the most awesome investigators and we have having wonderful things happen and experiencing miracles every day! Paulina, who we have been working with for most of my time here has a baptismal date! She is getting baptized on August 17! I am so thrilled for her and we she is just so wonderful I am so excited to continue working with her and help her get there and beyond! ( I cannot be transferred… I might cry!) She is working on quitting smoking and she doesn’t smoke as much as she did and is now starting the 12 step program. She has such a desire and a love and she bore testimony to another lady that was at English Conversation Group of church and the truthfulness and how awesome it is and that lady now wants to come to church! It was so cool! We have seen so many miracles!

We had another lady that came to English Conversation Group, that felt good at the church and then wanted to come to church on sunday and then SHE CAME! It was so cool. I really felt like she needed to get a Book of Mormon yesterday, and I didn’t want to just give it to her without talking about what it was, so I asked her if we could have a short meeting after church. She agreed, we grabbed a member, and we chatted a little about the restoration and about what the Book of Mormon really is. I told her that as she comes to know that this is true, she will want to be baptized. She said, yes, I will. Later last night I got a phone call from her, and she said, “Sister Schaff, I have been reading the Book of Mormon, and I want to be baptized.” WHAT?! That doesn’t just happen. That happens. This is real life. She said, I can’t wait to meet and talk more about it and talk about my change in life and baptism. She is so wonderful. I love her so much! She is so ready. Heavenly Father really prepared her. She is open and receptive, and she LOVED church. She said that she loved the people and she was avidly participating in Relief Society and Sunday School. It was cool! She is probably about mom’s age, maybe a bit older?, so not super old, not super young, and just ready for something in her life to be changed. She has a daughter, and a four year old granddaughter and just is so happy and loving. Really, one of the coolest meetings that I have been in. I wrote my testimony in the front of the Book of Mormon before giving it to her and it was so cool, although I can just imagine how bad my spelling and grammar was….oops!
I have been reading any praying a lot still abut Heavenly Father and comfort this week and weaknesses, and it’s cool to remember that if I ask for it, I will always have comfort with me. I need that. We all do. We cannot do this alone. Mosiah 24:14 is so cool because we all have burdens and He doesn’t say that He will take them away, but He will ease our burdens. He will help us get through them. It’s such a blessing because I do not know what I would do without someone helping me with my burdens, frustrations, and human tendencies. Really. I couldn’t do it. Life. Any of it. I would be miserable. We can do this and we can endure every day. I love James 5:11- We count them happy which endure. I will endure and I will be happy! This is the message of happiness. Who is going to listen to me about happiness if I don’t have happiness coming from me… one! I mean, I wouldn’t listen to me. That would be silly. I need to be an example of what I am teaching. I want to be that every day because I love this and I want people to have it in their lives too. Like my dearest best friend, Sister Elizabeth Ward wrote to me this week, We all (I) need to be a LOT more like Christ and we CAN! He will give me (and you) the power to do those things. He wants us to do those thigns. He wants us to all be successful. It’s not enough to just go through the motions, and remember who we need to be come once in a while. In one of the Liahona’s it had a Shakespeare quote that I love. It said, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” I took that to be that we need to be true to ourselves and our Heavenly Father. He sees so much potential in us. If we are being true to ourselves, other people will see the real us, and understand who we are, and then, being amissionary will be so much easier because people will want what we have. They will want to know what gives our lives light and happiness. Those people that ask us on the street why we have light coming from us and how we are so light and happy, it’s true. We have this. We all have the ability to share this with others and to be that exampple whether it be full time missionary service, or being a sibling to someone that isn’t a member, or having friends and neighbors who know that we are members and we have such a happy family. There is nothing but happiness and joy that comes from truly living this gospel and embracing it as a real part of our lives.
Wow, that email was not what I had quite gone through in my mind when I thought about what I would write. It just came out. Maybe you needed to hear it, maybe I just needed to realize that I understand thesse things and that I need to accept that Heavenly Father really is blessing me and he is shaping me into who he wants me to be. Either way, I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I know that Heavenly father really is with us like he says in D&C 24:8. unto the end of our days, just like he promises. I feel his love, through the scriptures, holy ghost, prayer, my family, friends, and companion. I am so grateful to be able to share this message of good news with people every day for these 18 months!My prayers are with you, and I feel your prayers every day.  They are what get me through hard days, hours and minutes.

Much love,

Sister Schaff

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