So Much Food!

So every week we go over to this 92 year old woman’s house that is a member who is amazing and I love her with all of my heart. She cannot really leave her home because she lives on the 8th floor and has no elevator and she is…getting old and frail. She makes us an interesting dinner with lots of bread on the side with too much butter and gross cheese. Nonetheless I love it and we eat every last bite of it. She called us last thursday and said that her son (who is probably older than you-mom and dad) was not feeling well and not okay (he has anger problems and mental health issues, and just about two weeks ago returned from living in an institutional hospital) and so we couldn’t come over. It broke my heart. Not because I live for that food, but because I love her. She is the happiest, sweetest woman, loves everyone, and just has a heart of gold, and she is not very happy. She is missing that light in her eyes. Last week when we were over there she said to us, “There is joy out on the streets and happiness out in the world but not in my home.” What.?! This is coming from the woman who was a decoder during the blockade and she tells us every week what we need to do when we get home and how to date men, that we need to let them come to us, we cannot chase them! Also, she gave us a law of chastity lesson before, she explained to us the importance of chastity and purity before marriage. hahah I love her! She also had a fly in her house and said that it was her friend and she had given it a name because it had been there for about a month and it stayed off the food but just needed somewhere to live. She is the sweetest lady in the entire world, and all I want is for her to be happy and for her to feel peace and joy again. She is not the joyful, radiant lady that she usually is. I just want that back for her. We havebeen praying for her!

Image 14I love the church here. It is such a baby! It is so new and just starting to develop here. Their idea of visiting teaching is to send around a paper every week to see who you visited or talked to from the ward that week. ahaha. It is wonderful. But, last week….they gave out assignments!  They still send around the sheet to see who you visited, but hey, they’re starting to improve! It’s cool to see the ward grow and do things in different ways. The relief society lessons are so fun. They just read from the book and it’s cool to see them slowly ask more questions and start to have more interaction. I love our ward!
We have a little part of our area that is a town/city called Syevolisk. (idk how to spell it in english). It is far away from the metro, it is slower, it is small, and it is so much quieter. We went there one time last transfer, and I didn’t love it. That was a really hot day, people weren’t loving us, and all the people we tried to visit were not home. We returned there this last week and it was the BEST! I loved it! We got the coolest vision for that place. There is only one active family there and a few less actives and a ton of inactive people that live there. Before the stake was organized, there was a branch there, but in the midst of making a stake they were added into the stake and as a result it is far for people to get to church and kind of inconvenient because they have to take a marshutka, which you have to pay for (isn’t part of the public transportation pass). They just don’t come anymore. It’s sad. We set up a bunch of appointments with inactive people and it was such a legit day! We had so much fun! I seriously love that place. They could have a ward or a branch there if they had lots of active people who really would come. We need to help them to understand that they really do have possibilities, and that if they show their faith and that they want it, there are huge possibilities for them out there. We are going to spend one day a week out there and we are trying to figure out how we can help people out there become reactivated and we want to find new investigators from there and have more families that come from there. It is so needed! We there is SO much potential, they just don’t understand that it is up to them to make the change and help build the church for themselves so that we can help them. That is going to be our focus right now, to help them to understand that we need their friends to teach, and we also just need them to be at church and that if they make the sacrifice to come into the city to go to church there are so many blessings that are promised to them! I just want them to see the whole picture!
Also, out there we have our cute muslim friend. Her name is Ruksara. She is so cute. She is here from Tajikistan. we met her the first time that we were out there, and decided since we had some extra time in our schedule that we would call her! She wanted us to come over and so we did! She made us SO much food! (It was…DELICIOUS). She kept bringing out plate after plate after plate and just wanted us to eat and eat and eat. It was cool cause we were hungry and it was our dinner hour, but I don’t know if anyone could have eaten that much food! (Maybe Andrew…haha). It was delicious and then we shared a nice spiritual thought with her and then chatted with her and her brother and left.  She wants us to come back for some more food and some other things… can’t say that I oppose that idea… that was the best food that I have been fed here so far! We might go back for our dinner hour another time that we are there and bring food with us so that she doesn’t feed us everything that she has!Image 9
I have been thinking a lot about humility and charity lately. It has been something that i have been working on. I really want to be more christlike and loving. I have been reading in the scriptures and Christ just is such the amazing and perfect example. He always answered with love, kindness, and didn’t make people feel dumb. He always wanted the best for everyone and wanted every person that He came across to leave better than they came. I just want to be like Him one day. That would be so cool. “Humility is a fertile soil where spirituality grows and produces the fruit of inspiration to know what to do.” _Elder Scott
So cool I want to have that humility where I can have more inspiration and have a growth of my spirituality and understanding of myself and of the gospel. I know that I am growing to love the scriptures and the gospel more and more every day. I just want to understand everything and have a better knowledge of the scriptures and be able to use them more just in my life. I love you all and am thinking about and praying for you daily!
Sister Schaff

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