Image 2What a beautiful part of the world that I get to live in for 18 months. Really. We had a few different days this last week that we walked more than normal, and it was just wonderful to be reminded of the beautiful earth and what heavenly father has given us. W\I realize that I sometimes don’t always appreciate the beauty that is around me. But, I feel like more lately i have been more appreciative of the world, the earth, and just everything around me. it’s starting to get darker at nights, still not dark, but sometimes people turn their car lights on it’s weird. i am not used to dark. i forget sometimes that it gets dark for other people at night haha.

Also, fun fact: most toilet paper here is scented. you can find green tea, apple, flower, berries, just all sorts of scented TP. Kinda weird. But hey, it’s russia! haha
Paulina is progressing so well! She really is understanding more and more that this gospel is helping her. SHE HAS A TESTIMONY! she has been praying daily. reading daily. i seriously cannot wait for her she is going to be the best little member and she has started to learn about temples and i cant wait to hear about in a year when she goes! she is going to love it. i just love her so much. i really do. it was so sad to think that i might never see her again. i mean i will write her, and i will do everything that i can to be at her baptism but really, you never know. there are so many unknowns about a mission. that’s the crazy part. I mean I guess I should add that I am being transferred. I am being sent over to Shivolova. it is in the stake, it is right next to where i am right now. They have one set of elders and had two sets of sisters but this transfer there will be only one. it will be cool, it is a good ward with lots of potential. My companion is Sister Guymon who has been in Russia since January and I don’t know tons about her other than that. I will tell you more next week.
Svetlana didn’t get baptized this week, she is going out of town so we changed her date to September 8. I am so excited for her! I seriously love her!
I have been focusing a lot on prayer lately and how that affects me and how I can be more effectve and it is cool, because I really feel happier when I have REALLY prayed in the morinig, and my studies are so much more effective when i REALLY pray to open them. It’s just cool to remember that I can change how my day is and I am the one that makes everything happen. It doesn’t matter what is happening because the Lord will answer me. The Lord wants us to understand what is happening and is willing to show us and give us answers as long as we ask. he has blessings awaiting us and comfort, all he asks is that we follow him and we ask for them. it’s cool.Image 6
I am still working on self mastery and still workiong at being better about what i eat, how much and if i am actually hungry. it’s good cause I have been told that sister Guymon is one of the healthier sisters here (eating habits). so, yay! I might go off chocolate for next transfer. I haven’t decided. eek. i have this new recipe for the MOST DELICIOUS zucchini cookies. mmmmm. we make them for meetings for less actives and stuff its fun.
Sorry this email is shorter and a little more boring. i love you all and i know that everything happens for a reason. i really do. i am so sure of that, and that is what gives me comfort every day.
miss and love you!
Sister Schaff

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