вера в христа

вера в христа
pronounced: vera v hrista
means: faith in christ Image 1
We have a new investigator! Yay! His name is Jack (in English) and he is about 25. His mother is an inactive member, and I think I mentioned them last week, but we found him while we were out on the inactive hunt. He said that he has read the Book of Mormon before, (I would assume that he knows what it is or has read bits and pieces) but doesn’t remember any of it, so we got him a new translation and gave it to him and committed him to reading! He said that he has been reading (YAY!) and we will be meeting with him again this week. We really need to get him to come to church, I know that it will help him and that is how he will start to really progress. We still have not met his mother, she is not ever home when we go by there. So, hopefully sometime soon. Wouldn’t it be cool if she came back to activity and he got baptized and their family then could one day have a worthy priesthood holder there?

I have realized a lot lately how important it is to have a worthy priesthood in the home. There are familes here who have that, and then there are a lot of wonderful single women with and without children who don’t get that in their homes. The families that are so strong and that really hold our ward together and are able to help strengthen others and bless the ward are those who have a priesthood holder in the home. I want that. More than ever. I am so grateful that I always had one in my home, that my father and then brother were always worthy of that power. I am so grateful that they used that and helped our family, and that our home was always one of safety for everyone, and still is, that people can come there and feel something different. Such a power. It is an irreplaceable thing to be able to use that power. Those families are so much more happier, there is more trust, confidence, faith, service, and overall just so much more love. We have been visiting with the members and trying to get to know them better and it is just so cool to see the happy families here. I just want these young women (in their 20s) to get married to these Return Missionaries that are in their ward and to have strong church going families. It is so cool because not tons of people here have been born into the covenant. The church is at such a pioneer stage, we get to see it, and help it grow, through the good and the bad. There are so many strong members who are willing to help us and we really do depend on them and need their help to show others that they need this gospel.

Image 2
I have been studing Joseph Smith History these last few days and the very end it talks about how when he and Oliver Cowdry recieved the ordinance of baptism and the gift of the holy ghost that they had so much more power and knowledge and ability to translate, and their knowledge was increased, and they as a whole felt that much more power. I want to help peple come to that, to be able to recieve that, and to be able to feel that power and difference as they come to make a change in their life.
 Image 5
Some days I am unsure as to why we have been able to meet so many cool people, and have so many awesome potentials on our list, yet none of them want to meet with us, or will flake out. However, I do know that it is the Lord’s will. (and people have agency). There is something that I need to be learning, and I am learning! Different things every day, and I am really working on being patient! Mom- you would be so proud. I Know that everyone is not me, and can’t multi-task sometimes and that it is okay to sit down when other people need to just have a minute because they are so overwhelmed. I know that if Christ was with them, He would sit with them and help them work through things so that they could really be that more effective and happy in the end. That is something that I just am really trying to be better at. I am praying for that every day, along with a Christ like charity and love for all people. Try it. Pray for things. They really do come. I feel that when I pray for that, it is so much easier, and I really do notice a difference in my life. There are some days when I just forget to pray for things like that and I have slightly gone backwards. I need to continually ask for this gift, and continually pray for it as long as I want it and need it in my life. (that will be FOREVER).
Well, sorry i don’t have much to say today.
Oh funny story quickly.
People are so funny. We were out at the grocery store this morning and I hadn’t even said one word and this lady is staring at me and then starts being very rude and saying that I was very bad, very bad, and I asked her why and she started telling me how we have a different God, and that Russian Orthodox is the only true church with the true God, and that I was a Jehovah’s Witness and that being here on a mission was very bad and that people shouldn’t listen to me. I tried to say that we weren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses, but she wouldn’t listen and so I finally just said well good luck to you, smiled, and went back to my shopping. She wasn’t done and decided that she had to come back three more times to tell me how bad I was and how we were wrong! Some people just wake up and are having a bad day. I hope her day improves! 🙂 But, people are really great here. Most people aren’t like that and don’t want to tell us that we are wrong. They usually just wish us good luck and say that our job is very hard because everyone here is Russian Orthodox. There are so many ready people that we have met though, just need them to meet with us dang it!
This gospel is true. if you don’t know it, read the book of mormon and pray about it. you WILL recieve an answer. the missionaries would be SO excited to meet with anyone! Invite your friends. HELP the missionaries. they need it!Image 9
Much love,
until next week
Sister Schaff

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