Your life, Your choice

Be happy. Mya, Sis Schaff, Sis GuymonSeriously. Are you happy today? Think about it. If not, why? There is nothing in life that can stop you from being happy except yourself. Did you have a hard day? Well, what went right? What wonderful people called you to say hello, sent a nice text, smiled at you on the road, complimented your outfit, or said thank you. That is what is worth remembering. Why think about the things you didn’t do perfectly, or that you wish you had known. Next time, do it better. That is now in the past.

Happiness is such a choice. There are so many people that I meet every single day, and some are happy and some aren’t. Every day, I make a choice to be happy or not. In every situation I have to re-evaluate myself and remember that I am the master of myself. Why am I unhappy? That was just silly. Then, choose to be happy.
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So many miracles this week. Sunday was AWESOME. There was a man and his wife that showed up to church! It was SO COOL! They said they had met elders at some point and had been invited (I don’t know when or by who) and they were interested. She really wanted a book of Mormon, and so we gave her one, got their information and we will be meeting with them! (Unfortunately she said they can’t meet until next week.) They stayed for all three hours, and the ladies in Relief Society were so wonderful at helping fellowship her!  I am so excited to meet with them next week!

We also have a new 84 year old investigator! Hahaha. His name is Boris. He is wonderful and read the book of Mormon! He was on our potentials list, and had come in contact with the missionaries about two years ago? Maybe 4. I don’t remember exactly. But, he is very intelligent and has invited us to come over and meet with him. His son died when he was 54, and so I am so excited to teach him the Plan of Salvation. I really know that it will bless his life and that he will love it. He has kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids and They all WILL benefit from our message!
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We went to Petergot yesterday! Wow that is a beautiful place! We got to be down by the Gulf of Finland and just hung out there for a little while. I miss the beach! I forgot about that. Just listening to the water, the smell of freshness, and the life. It is such a different world. We got to smell fresh air that wasn’t filled with cigarette smoke. It seriously is so overwhelming always. It was so calm and relaxing. Plus after we ate at an italian restaurant that was DELICIOUS. (dad you can look it up online…Mama Roma’s–i enjoyed it! Sister Eyring and i shared two meals it was tasty).
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I have been reading in Alma lately and it is when Alma is teaching his sons and it is interesting because I am just noticing more and more that yes, he has many things he tells them, but more than anything he said KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS and then you will be happy and blessed. That is all that you need. Follow heavenly father. He gives us rules, he guides us through life. All that we need is to follow him. He will do the rest. I am so grateful for him. I am trying to follow him. I see that when I am being better at what he has asked me to do I really am blessed and I really am happier. There are so many blessings that come from following him, and lots of times we don’t even notice the blessings. President Eyring had a wonderful article in the August Liahona/Ensign that talked about looking at our blessings. Pray to remember them. Sit there and just write a list of the blessings that you have seen in your life in the past week. They will come. Just sit there. Don’t stop at ten. They will come to your remembrance, because they are there. I am so grateful for the blessings that I see in my life every day. They are what makes life good. They help us remember to be happy.I love my Heavenly Father and I know that the commandments that he has given me are for my good. I know that he just wants me to be better and happier. “Wickedness never was happiness.” It is true. We can be obedient, and then we will be so much happier. I am so grateful for this knowledge, the knowledge that it is not about the temporary things. That there is so much more to this life. That I am here to prepare for the next life.

Love you all!
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